Compare MoveAmerica to Box and Shipping_Storage Container Systems. Choose Moving

Compare MoveAmerica to Box and Shipping/Storage Container Systems

A combination Shipping/Storage Container system, or moving systems based on dropping a box or container at the residence, is one moving method which has certain advantages if you have a need for long term storage and the cost of transportation is not your primary concern. However, MoveAmerica's unique moving system is better. A lot better, because Moveamerica is significantly less expensive on most routes, is better secured against theft and the weather, and offers faster transit times. Loading flexibility and choice are far greater with MoveAmerica, and with MoveAmerica, your shipment is INSIDE the trailer, not outside on top of a flatbed.

MoveAmerica provides you a 28 foot long trailer on wheels which is roomier, wider, higher, and more secure than a typical shipping/storage container. With MoveAmerica, you pay by length of space you use in our trailers, one foot at a time. With a Box or Shipping_Storage Container system, you pay by the Container!! If you order a 12 foot Container and need 13 feet, guess what? You now need TWO Containers at double the price. And, just as importantly, if you find you only need 9 feet, you still pay for the 12 foot Container. Also, how do you keep your load from shifting in that scenario?.

Your move can be broken up into several phases, which usually include Loading, Transit, Arrival, and perhaps Storage. Shipping/Storage Container systems, unlike MoveAmerica, charge for the use of the Container from THE FIRST DAY until your move is complete. MoveAmerica almost never charges for the use of our trailer. By comparison:

MoveAmerica: Loading, Transit, and Arrival are FREE of Container usage charges. Only if free time expires at destination are you subject to Storage charges.

Shipping_Storage Systems: Loading, Transit, and Arrival cost YOU for Container usage.

Shipping_Storage Systems containers are usually TRANSPORTED by Independent Contractors, not company employees. MoveAmerica trailers are transported by licensed, bonded, and insured employees, not contracted out truckers.

Put your hard earned money where it belongs: In your pocket! And don't waste your precious time, either. Use MoveAmerica.