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MoveAmerica®'s 5 Step Moving Process

How To Save Time And Money On Your Move

Here are the 5 easy steps to a MoveAmerica® U-Load™ We Drive move. These steps are as follows:

1. Determine the amount of space you require. Utilize average rules of thumb (3 lineal feet per room, 200 cubic feet per room). When counting rooms do not include your kitchen, bathrooms, or closets. Once you know the space you need, obtain an "Instant Quote", and reserve your shipment online by following this link to Schedule Your Move. Please confirm all dates and addresses for accuracy.

2. On the day you requested (we guarantee it!), a professional driver brings your choice of a previously arranged moving equipment (usually a 28 foot trailer but could be larger. You only pay by the actual footage used. Complete with a security divider isolation bulkhead, foldable ramp, and two wheel dolly to your home. No need to pickup a rental truck with MoveAmerica!

3. You load, friends or family can help out, or you can have local movers or professionals referred or arranged by Moveamerica to load your moving equipment. When loading is complete, the driver will pickup the PODS® containers on the date you choose, or if in a trailer the driver will install your security divider and begin your move!

4. When the truck arrives at your new city, we will call you and set up a delivery appointment.

5. After unloading, just give us a call and we will arrange pickup of empty containers or trailers. Now that was easy! Your MoveAmerica move is now complete! You have just joined the family of thousands of satisfied MoveAmerica customers. But first, you need to get an Instant Quote, which is just a click away.