Door-to-Door Service.

MoveAmerica delivers an enclosed and dry trailer or PODS® waterproof container right to your door where U-Load™ or professional loaders load and unload for you. Professional licensed and bonded employee drivers swiftly transport your belongings to the door of your new home. Short and long term safe storage is available. MoveAmerica pays all costs!

Guaranteed Dates!

MoveAmerica guarantees that you will receive your belongings on the date you scheduled both at the origin and destination of your move.

Only You. Safe and Secure.

All MoveAmerica moving methods require that YOURS is the ONLY household shipment being transported, isolated, safe and protected. Your precious goods will NEVER stop at someone else's home or be "off-loaded", and when not actually being driven is kept inside a locked, fenced, and patrolled facility. Your shipment is delivered the same as you loaded it, and ONLY unlocked and unsealed in front of you at your new home.

MoveAmerica  Truck

Lowest Prices AND Best Service.

MoveAmerica is your lowest cost alternative AND provides the best service during a stressful time. Loaders, unloaders, storage, and protective blankets are available. Upon arrival, your shipment is safe and secure at our locked, gated, and patrolled facilities during your home search. How inexpensive are we? Just Click Here To Get A Free Instant Quote Now!

Clean As a Whistle.

Inside Trailer

Our spotlessly clean enclosed include a Sealed Security Divider that we install to secure your load and are equipped with a free folding ramp and 2 wheel dolly (most routes) for easy access. We can leave the trailer up to 5 days including weekends while you load or unload at no charge, or come back the same day and pick it up. We can even wait while you load!

PODS moving and storage solutions.

Need extended storage at either end of your move? MoveAmerica partners with PODS to provide you a door to door moving, loading, storage, and unloading solution for your move with PODS waterproof, sturdy, and secure storage container systems loaded and unloaded by MoveAmerica's experienced professional crews.

Don't Rent That Truck!

MoveAmerica™ has the truck rental folks beat by a mile! Obviously YOU don't have to drive hundreds or thousands of miles to your new home with MoveAmerica™. We do it for you. Just as importantly, you don't have to pay for VERY expensive gas, oil, tolls, permits, and truck insurance, all of which add up to a lot of money. No driving in snow, ice, rain, night, or fog. Our trailers are MUCH higher and MUCH wider than a rental truck. Get A Free Quote Now!

Compare MoveAmerica to a Van Line

MoveAmerica™ has the "van lines" beat too. Not only are we FAR less expensive than a household goods carrier, we are much more reliable and flexible. Unlike a "van line" MoveAmerica™ guarantees a scheduled date for delivery on both ends of your move.


Experience and Service Set Us Apart!

Our family company began in 1905 and proudly moved Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Richard M. Nixon along with General Douglas MacArthur at various stages in their careers! We've moved diplomats, generals, admirals, and tens of thousands of just plain folks. Our first trucks ate hay and wore horseshoes! (see picture below). 117 years of experience is always right on tap to help you answer your questions.

Ask us for advice and tips anytime and receive answers based on our remarkable 117 years of actual experience.

We Started It All

Proud  History since 1905

In 1995 MoveAmerica™ originated a unique solution called "self-service moving" which has become very popular by combining the cost savings of a truck rental with the convenience of a full service mover.

Zero Complaints!

Zero Complaints! MoveAmerica™ is licensed by the Federal Government (MC-512960 and DOT Number 2233642), bonded, and insured. Not a single complaint in 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, or 2020! Only one in 2021. Surely a record to be proud of.

How Do We Do It?

MoveAmerica™'s unique 5 step process gets the job done. We let you load and unload our truck, provide you door to door service, use our reliable professionals to move you, and allow you to track your move 24/7 so you know where you shipment is day or night. Learn More.

Obtain a Free Quote Now

Anyway you add it up, MoveAmerica™™ provides you an unbeatable combination of price, security, guaranteed service, and reliability for your move. No hidden costs! Put our professional drivers, friendly reliable service, well maintained equipment, and remarkable 110 year heritage of family experience to work for you now. Get A Free Quote!

Storage Options?

Safely and inexpensively store your shipment in your trailer at our locked, gated, and patrolled facilities. No need to move your goods to a storage facility with MoveAmerica.

Loading Options?

What if I need professional loaders or unloaders? MoveAmerica can arrange for professional third party loaders/unloaders when you need them. Third party loading companies are not owned by or agents of MoveAmerica, and the loaders are not employees of MoveAmerica.

Schedule My Move

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